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Some serious AR-18/AR-180B questions.

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Hi, folks.

Having seen the "Belfast Rifle Team" and "Classic Military Rifles" threads, and the look at the AR-18 in both, I had a bit of a flashback, to when I first heard about the AR-18, reading an old, weathered 1965 Gun Digest.

I have enclosed a Photo, the photo I remember, of a Colonel Miller inspecting a Cinder Block wall which he had tested an AR-18 on.

Fascinating, to see the AR-18 given such a launch to the shooting public, back in 1965. Anyway, that Digest was pretty old when I was looking at it the first time, and I took a picture of the page in question rather than risk putting that page into the scanner. The paper has become slightly more brittle than it was the first time I was reading it.

So, I was going to ask a couple questions about the AR-18/AR-180 series, and I am hoping some of you folks will be able to help me. (To be continued, in the next post in this thread.)


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My main questions are related to the article links I am posting below:

Are AR-18/AR-180B lower receivers capable of taking STANAG magazines? I have heard that the original AR-18 receivers cannot, but that the AR-180B ones can.

Can a new AR-180B receiver be used to build a gun with original AR-18 parts?

Are blueprints for AR-180B receivers, which can work with Armalite AR-15 or STANAG magazines available? Or is one limited to buying an all-up lower receiver?

(Given the choice, rolling one's own sounds like a very interesting option. As such. blueprints would be necessary.)

Here are the links to the articles I have seen around lately. Any and all advice is appreciated.


POTD: Modernized AR-180 - The Firearm Blog

NoDak Spud AR-180 receivers
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The AR-180 is a very good rifle, but it's not a perfected rifle. Still, in non-perfected form, it performs very well and has done very well in actual combat. For someone looking for a practical defensive rifle, it's not what I would really recommend; and AR-15 makes much more sense.

However, if your primary interest is in historical arms, the enjoyment of shooting something very unique and interesting...and want a rifle that can fill the role of defensive rifle in a pinch, then the 180 is excellent.
Thank you, Sir. I do dig that some of the features are ones that keep coming around in "Improving the AR" discussions, and that it was around at that time. I will keep my eyes open, as apparently they are pretty rare.

I did find some info on people trying to "bring back the AR-18," but it seems to be a pretty involved project.

October 2016 - AR180S.COM

Maybe one of the major makers will bring it back, the idea of a piston-equipped rifle might appeal today, and the blueprints are all drawn up out there. I really do wish that "All but a lower" parts kits were out there, though.

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