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What are your results?

Hornady Match ammo with A-Maxes shoots MOA or better, but I can't get reloads with SMKs (older 2155), Noslers, A-Maxes, or even Bergers (found a hot deal on their first version) to group tight.

Best is about 1.1 inches at 100 yards, rare and not very repeatable. Most are 1.4-1.8 inches. Some are 2.0-2.3. Hot-rodded one load with A-Maxes and 3 shots went into 3.5 inches.

The barrel time shown by QuickLOAD for the powders I've used are in the vicinity what another source says is halfway between "optimum barrel time" nodes for a 22-inch barrel. Maybe there's something to that after all, but my 175 and 178-grain loads are shooting .6 to .9 inches at 100 yards quite reliably, and they're not on the supposed OBT node either.

For me, it's so much for the theory that lighter bullets do better in a 1:12 twist. They don't, but the 175s do.

Can any of you get the 155s to group, and if so, how?
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