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We don't seem to have an Airgun subforum, so I'll put this in the Gun Talk section.

Bought one of these a couple weeks ago and have been shooting it pretty happily almost every day.

To save some time and typing, here's a review I found online that is a very honest and accurate evaluation that almost exactly mirrors my experience with the gun. Only thing I'd take issue with is that the rear sight is not plastic as they state, it's metal. The front sight is plastic but it's a very tough industrial-grade plastic and barring severe abuse, I don't see any problem with it.

Springfield Armory M1A Air Rifle Test Review .177 Caliber

So far there's only one shooting review on U2be, though there are also several previews from SHOT Show. Here's the shooting review.

You can read a number of mini-reviews from customers at Some have had problems but most users seem to like them—a lot. Very informative to read.

Springfield Armory M1A Underlever Pellet Rifle, Wood Stock | Pyramyd Air

I bought my M1A from Pyramydair. Ordered on Monday and it was delivered on Thursday via FedEx, and I didn't pay extra for FedEx shipping. Mine came with the front sight canted annoyingly to the right, and the (fake, cosmetic) op-rod handle was broken off. I emailed Pyramyd immediately. The front sight would have been grounds to return the thing, but I discovered the next day that it's just secured with a set screw. A 5/64” Allen wrench and a little adjustment and I had it perfectly upright. Pyramyd took nearly a week to get back to me about my complaint, at which time they offered a return authorization, but by that time I'd decided to try a few shots through it to see if it worked, and I found that it shot quite well. Told Pyramyd that I'd accept this one if they'd offer me some sort of discount for the broken op rod. They've offered me $10 store credit, which I thought was a bit cheap considering they won't have to pay for return shipping, or shipping me a new one, or dealing with getting rid of the damaged one at a “scratch and dent” price. I'm planning to buy two more airguns, so I can use the credit, but I'm not 100% happy with the low amount. Neither other gun I want is in stock anywhere right now. I was planning to buy both from Pyramid but $10 doesn't buy a whole lot of customer loyalty from me, and I'll get either or both from the first place I find them (which will probably be Pyramyd, who seems to be the “big dog” in the airgun world).

The above links will give a good and accurate impression of the rifle, but I'll add the following observations:
  1. Rear sight aperture is quite small (National Match spec?). I opened mine up with a rat-tail file to the same GI-spec diameter as on my M1, M1 carbine, and Colt SP1.
  2. Trigger feel is very much like that on my rack-grade M1 Garand and Polytech “M-14S.” It's not identical, but it's VERY similar, with about the same amount of movement; might be about a pound lighter than the real ones. Shooting this thing should be good practice for actually pulling the trigger on your real Garand or M1A. In short, I'm pretty pleased with the trigger feel.
  3. The foreend is wider/fatter than the real thing by a bit—about half an inch by caliper measurement. I don't consider this a big deal. Overall heft and handling are very much like the real guns, including the sight picture.
  4. The safety works backward from an M1/M1A. Forward is safe, back into the trigger guard is fire. This is a minor annoyance unless you want to practice “snap shooting from ready” drills.
  5. I don't see any way you could use this rifle for slung-in position practice, due to the underlever cocking deal. You might be able to rig a sling on the side for carrying, but I can't see how you could rig a forward swivel for position shooting, and even if you could, you'd need a second person to cock and load the gun for you between shots. It's fabulous for standing, offhand, and snap-shooting practice, though.
Long story short (unless that bus has left the station): I like this gun. A LOT. Well worth the money spent, especially at the price for ammo today.

Here it is with my Polytech, and with my faithful old Crosman/Mendoza 522 break-barrel squirrelslayer.

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Shotgun

Air gun Wood Trigger Shotgun Gun barrel

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Looks interesting Snake like the thought of iron sites have a Benie in.177 that does about 1200fps with lead pellets and supposedly 1400fps with the gold.I tell you what the gold pierce the the heck out of a squirrel.
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