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Howdy, all. Welcome to the Entertainment forum. Discussions will range from movies, TV, theatre, dance, music, to whatever; shucks, we'll even talk about tractor pulls or Monster Truck shows if that's what blows your skirt up.

What's my favorite TV show? Mail Call on The History Channel.

What's my favorite movie? Can't pick one, there's too many. Out of Africa comes in close to the top just to showcase Meryl Streep's talent. Way of the Gun is close to the top because of the gun handling. The original The Music Man is close to the top just because it makes me feel good (I was cast in it when a local theatre group did it.)

Who's my fave music group? Again, too many; ZZ Top, Foghat, Skynyrd, Allman Bros., Tom Scott, Glen Miller....

Hope to hear from the rest of you. Enjoy!
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