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With summer fast approaching comes the slow time for hunting. But, like most things shooting and hunting is a parishable skill, something that needs to be practiced. Practice can be at a range but that really only helps your shooting as the target is static.

However, if you think outside the envelope, you can hunt all year and practice your spotting, stalking and shooting skills.

First off you need a small pond that is close to your house. Next you need a BB gun. That game... the American Frog!

You may think Frog hunting is easy, but I'm here to tell you it isn't... well at first it is but then it gets harder as the Frogs learn.

You start by spotting a Frog sunning itself on the bank, then stalk up to it and put a BB into it's head. Being amphibian a normal chest shot will not terminate the them, they just swim off.

This spot and stalk works for a while untill word gets around the Frog community that they are being hunted, then it gets harder as they are on the alert and when they see you they squeak out a warning and dive.

The next tactic to use is to set up a spotting scope and use a .22LR to take them out from a distance. Now, you may think that a .22 is overkill for Frogs, so to make it more sporting limit your shots to 50 yards or more.

As you decimate the Large Frog population you challange youself to ever increasing smaller ones.

For added challange use your BB Gun or .22 Subsonics/CB Caps and hunt at night. Use a flashlight to locate the Frogs eyes glowing on the bank, then take your shot. It helps if you have a friend along to keep the light shined on the Frog while you take the shot.

By doing the above you accomplish a few things...

1 - Keep you hunting skills honed.
2 - Feed the local Bass and Catfish population.

and as a added benifit during our current conflict....

3 - Take your anger out at the French (known worldwide as Frogs) for their non-support.

Least you think that I went over the edge and have wacked out with the above I want you to rest assured that I am not the only one who hunts Frogs during the summer.... Right Fernando?!

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You brought back some fond memories. Setting up on the back deck with the scoped rifle, spotting scope, and bunches of ammo. Oh, and how can I forget the coffee and Guinness! Man, those were the days!

One thing Schmit forgot to mention is frogs are much smarter than you’d think. After a handful of minor skirmishes and a few major campaigns, the veteran frogs were getting smart. One shot into the pond embankment from 50+ yards away and a platoon worth of frogs would dive for cover. I swear that by the end of the frog war these critters were plotting some major retaliation against us. If they had more time to gather support from frogs from neighboring ponds Schmit and I would have been in trouble!

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the veteran frogs were getting smart. One shot into the pond embankment from 50+ yards away and a platoon worth of frogs would dive for cover.
At which time we changed tactics to employing a suppressed weapon shooting sub-sonic ammo to take out the veterans one by one without raising alarms. :D
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