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Striker Vs. hammer. Glock kb

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Been thinking about the Glock shooting out of battery thing. I was wondering if anyone else thought about the firing mechanism. I was looking at my pistols. I thought that if a slide was not fully in battery and it was a Glock, would not the rearward pushing of the trigger bar on the striker hold the slide back and help it shoot out of battery? A pistol with a hammer seems like the slamming of the hammer onto the slide would help push the slide forward or if the slide did not go forward, would possibly not allow the hammer to hit hard enough (because the bottom of the slide would intercept the hammer as opposed to a striker hitting no matter what) to fire the weapon? Just a thought. Any feed back would be appreciated.
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But there are many other striker fired pistols that work the same way but are not known for firing out of battery...

There is another issue that I have never seen covered... that is "disconnector distance". All autopistols have some form of disconnector- Glocks is that thingy that sticks up above the frame and rides in a slot in the slide. There is some distance tolerance for all to govern when they will or will not fire so my question- and I have not measured this- is whether the Glock is substantially different from other similar pistols or whether the kb's are just a combination of poor case support with firing at the outside edge of the disconnector tolerance.
I agree with your point of firing at the end of tolerance. I don't know about other pistols disconnectors, too many variables. If your Glock was at the end of it's disconnector tolerance, would the back pressure on the slide contribute to firing out of battery? Theoretically, If your Glock(barring crud or mechanical failure) had a hammer, would it help push the slide into battery? BTW as I stated in a previous post, my Glock31 won't fire if the slide is 3/32" back, which is the same for my Beretta. I read that Dean said He found Glocks that fire with slides as far as 1/4"(WOW) out of battery. His .45 primer hit at 12 O'clock proves this. I wonder if he ever measured his Glocks tolerance?
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