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How Digital Detectives Deciphered Stuxnet, the Most Menacing Malware in History
It was January 2010, and investigators with the International Atomic Energy Agency had just completed an inspection at the uranium enrichment plant outside Natanz in central Iran, when they realized that something was off within the cascade rooms where thousands of centrifuges were enriching uranium.
Normally Iran replaced up to 10 percent of its centrifuges a year, due to material defects and other issues. With about 8,700 centrifuges installed at Natanz at the time, it would have been normal to decommission about 800 over the course of the year.
later estimates would indicate between 1,000 and 2,000 centrifuges were swapped out over a few months.
Crack open a cold one and read whole story at the link. It is an epic story of how Iran's adversaries disrupted Iran's nuclear weapons program. And there's more.
Iran Resorts to Rip And Replace To Kill Off Stuxnet
Reports that Iran had recovered from the infection of the Stuxnet worm may have been overblown, as a new report suggests the country is being forced to replace thousands of expensive centrifuges damaged by the worm.
It must suck to be Mahmoud Ahmadinejad these days.
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