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SW1911 "Long May Wave" Special Edition Pistol

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Shades of Colt/America Remembers/etc...

Smith & Weson is now making non-Performance Center "Limited Editions of their 1911 Guns!!

Today I got in (Serial #77 of course) a Special Edition/Limited Edition SW1911 5"bbl .45ACP pistol. As you can see in the pictures below, on the left side of the slide there is a golden eagle holding a flag in one claw and a ribbon with the words "Long may it wave" and a medallion with "1 of 250" on it. On the left side of the slide is a gold inlay with the words "American Pride" in the ribbon. Grips panels appear to be cherry stained with a S&W medallion in them.



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With a gun like that, you only have three (3) choices:

1. Shoot it.

2. Admire it.

3. Sell it.

OK, so you don't choose #3.

What'cha gonna do with it?

-- Mike
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I won't sell my collection unless I fall on hard times, or retire!! I have told my wife many times that I consider my guns an investment towards retirement! Most who know me online know I collect firearms with serial number 77. I have not gotten a precise count lately, but I would estimate that I have over 150+ pistols, rifles and shotguns all with serial #77 (For an example, the SW1911 pictured was ser#PAT0077. The only one of my 77's I have ever shot was a PC Shorty 40 that was my CCW gun for a while.
During my last BATFE inspection, my 77 collection really intrigued the inspector. He said he had NEVER come across someone who had that many guns of the same serial number. In my vault, I keep my personal collection guns on a different side of the room with stickers on the shelves announcing "Private Collection, not for sale".

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You probably made the inspector's job easier.

"Serial number?...never mind."
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