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Taking Lives

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“Taking Lives”. Angelina Jolie plays as a very potent roll in this movie. Awesome directing, cast, and plot twists. Get the unrated version, it’s the most powerful. It’s a bit more graphic with showing the dead bodies and all that… but it is more important to the story here. It used to be difficult to appreciate Angelina Jolie as a serious actress, but in this film I was struck by the fact that she is good. In this film and in “Without Borders”… I am impressed. She isn’t just a smoking hot babe… She’s got real talent. She’s good. More than good. One of the very best actresses around now. And in this movie she is just flat out awesome. Great movie. It really is. The best thriller I’ve seen this year. Rather shocking all the way to rolling credits.
This flick also teaches a couple good lessons about firearms ownership.
Number one: Don’t keep your gun in it’s case, unloaded. It’s useless there like that.
Number two: Carry your gun at all times. Even at home. Especially when you are at home and alone.
This flick will blew me away and so did Angelina.
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