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Terror in the Skies

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Worth your time to read both articles. My take on "national security" is we've been given eye wash and maybe a bandaid or two, and nothing of real substance. ... icleid=711 ... icleid=716
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There's been significant developments in the facts here. While it appears this was not a "dry run" for terrorism, the incident still reveals very disturbing deficiencies with airline security. Here are a few links on topic: ... 211921.asp
Only musicians. I loved Ms. Jacobsen's response: "If 19 terrorists can learn to fly airplanes into buildings, couldn't 14 terrorists learn to play instruments?"

The Washington Times has a story about this and other incidents, thought to be "probes" by terrorists: ... -1508r.htm

Whatever folks think of the the 9/11 Commission, its report, p. 362, puts it bluntly:

Bin Ladin and Islamist terrorists mean exactly what they say: to them America is the font of all evil, the "head of the snake," and it must be converted or destroyed.
It is not a position with which Americans can bargain or negotiate. With it there is no common ground-not even respect for life-on which to begin a dialogue. It can only be destroyed or utterly isolated.
The story keeps getting more interesting

"The Syrian singer of a band that was detained by the FBI's Terrorism Task Force for suspicious activity during a recent flight to Los Angeles has written about the "glorification" of suicide bombers to liberate Palestine." ... -3815r.htm
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