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Thai Hurdler Mee Hai Thieu Busted For Speed. . . .

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Just two days before the scheduled start of the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, Thailand's 20 year old 110 meter hurdling sensation Mee Hai Thieu was arrested by Thai police while boarding a private jet for takeoff to the Olympic Village in Greece.

Thieu became one of the fastest hurdlers in track and field history at the Thailand National Championships recently when he clocked an astonishing 12.99, earning the praise of heavy favorite American Allen Johnson and others.

"Thieu has been coming on for quite some time, big things are expected of him" said Johnson from his hotel in the Olympic Village. "I hope this story isn't true. Having him in the competition will only serve to enhance the race and heighten the drama."

Thieu, a long-haired, free spirited young man with an admitted obsession for 1960's American folklore and the rock group The Doors, denied that the white powder found in a plastic bag in his suitcase belonged to him. "Everyone who knows me knows that I smoke a little pot during the off season, nothing else. All that other stuff ended when I was busted at 17. I did my time, reformed my ways, grew up a lot."

But Thieu's own web site, managed and designed by him, still bears his personal motto, "live fast, run fast, jump high, die high." Friends of the controversial Asian track star told mixed stories of his exploits, some seeming to suggest that his drug use is still quite frequent, even during the track season, scoffing at the notion that it's just a little pot during the off time.

For the Thailand track and field team, virtually unnoticeable at this or any other Olympic Games, the sudden notoriety has brought mixed blessings. Some athletes and officials say at least there is now some attention, rather than none, on Thailand's athletes, but top government officials are likely to see this as a slap in the face to the troubled nation's continuing efforts to rid itself of its reputation as a major drug producer and conduit to the West.

Bloofy Nooz will stay on top of this story as details unfold, but for Thailand's track team and Mee Hai Thieu, it may be . . .

No Luk Nao.

Back to another all-Elvis, bourbon swillin' and jus' keep on chillin' weekend at WBLF-6969.69 mHz, all Bloofy, All The Thyme Radio.
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