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That's our ATF....

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This link will take you to the ATF "Learning Theatre."

I don't know whether to laugh or cry....have we REALLY come to the point that we need cartoons to educate adults about serious subject matter? Especially law enforcement? (I use that term with great reservations in regard to F Troop.)
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Wow, I was hoping to see Beavis and Butthead for the characters :lol:
Verryyy Interesting!!

:shock: :? :shock:
Whatever works is fine with me!

Plenty of mistakes are being made out there, and that hurts us all eventually.

The local ATF guys n gals are OK. A _lot_ of multiple sales forms come in w my name on 'em, and a new local ATF honcho sent a couple aents out to "interview" me about 'em post 9/11. One was a new guy, the other has been in town for some time and knew I was OK, but the t had to be crossed and the i dotted...

After the silly stuff was out of the way we talked guns & ammo. They were transitioning from P228s in 9x19 to P229s in 40 and wanted to know what I thought, had I ever had any... as if they didn't know? ;)

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I was watching a rerun of REAL TV a week or so ago when they played a KMart training video on gun sales that starred Tim Allen. It looked to be from pre-Home Improvement but I don't know if it was pre- or post-prison stint as he never actually touched any of the guns in the video.

I kept waiting for the trademark manly grunts but they never manifested. It must have been before he developed his Tourettes. :D
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