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The battle of Thermopylae

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For those interested, the History Channel, as part of their new series "Decisive Battles," is featurning the battle of Thermopylae tonight at 9:00. The series covers famous battles, (i.e., Cannae, Marathon) with new computerized graphics.

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I've been watching the commercials for it. Looks pretty interesting. If the kids don't have control over the television, I'll be tuning in.
My boys were having trouble going to sleep a few weeks ago when I was getting ready to watch the battle of Cannae (Hannibal is one of my heroes) So I told them to "GET IN MY BED AND BEQUIET AND YOU CAN WATCH THIS SHOW WITH ME!" Well that started it so every week now they insist on watching "that war show" with daddy. They are only 9 and 6 and don't really understand it, and they ask a lot of questions but it's nice they are interested and it's not a weird Japanese cartoon!

It was inspiring to say the least!

Molon Labe!​
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