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Anybody use any Large format cameras? Maybe a 4 x 5, or a 5 x 7 or a 8 x 10?? Ain't nothing like looking at the world thru an 8 x 10 ground glass!! Does any one still use them?? :wink:
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Sorry, but just a 35mm guy here. I've always dreamed of using a large format camera someday, but then I check the prices of bodies and lenses and realize they are out of my league! :shock:
Every once in a while I'll pull out an old 2x2, but I really enjoy the immediacy and ease of the new digital cameras. Maybe one day I'll break down and get a good one.
More and More people are looking for large format cameras. An 8x10 sold on ebay today. for $79.00 a good 4x5 can be gotten for $100. to 200.00 on ebay. Check for Graflex in your search. You will need a film holders and at lease 127mm lens. A good light meter. and some way to develope the film. a 4x5 enlarger like omega D-2. They are lots of funs and a great hobby to share with a family. I live in god's country where it snows alot 300" of snow and it makes for some great photos. The Upper Penninsula of Michigan has 198 water fall. All kind of wild life and is Great place to live.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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