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Seems the Marine Corps spec ops are doing their latest training mission in of all places --- Fairmont WV!!

Had a marine in plain clothes come in today and tell me he is part of the advance team and wanting permission to land helicopters in the warehouse lot!!

He said the last training mission was in Colombia SC (and I commented that I had a friend online that had seen the helicopters during that time).

I told him no prob -- and joked that I would not even pull out one of my 50's when I heard the copters coming --- we then talked about guns for a bit before he left --- he had interest in possibly purchasing a Knight SR25 I have in the vault even!


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Army's Delta Force and the Night Stalkers* were here in San Antonio about 2 years ago. The Army tried to get permission from the city to do their time with some abandoned buildings in town. City council told them no so Delta wound up doing the "raid" at the old Brooks Army Hospital. Neighbors weren't too happy with the flash-bangs but no "collateral" damage was incurred.

*Delta's taxi service. Damn good helicopter pilots out of Ft Campbell....
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