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to all ya'll,

just couldn't resist passing this along from an old GF in TX, who has turned into about halfway a cowgirl since we were together.
(Annie now carries a little 1908 Model Colt's .380, "on body" 24/7 & my old-school Colt's Police Positive in the console on her Honda SUV. = NEVER thought i'd live to see that, as she was PA/Mennonite raised & used "to comment on" my being a MP officer, a SDUSM & having to carry a revolver, 24/7!)

Seems that a "good 'ole boy" rolled through a stop sign in a town down Texas way & was stopped by a local LEO.
When asked for his DL, the fellow handed the LEO his TX DL, his registration on the PU & his CCW permit.
The PO looked at the three documents & said, "Well, are you carrying a weapon now?"
The GOB said, "Yep."
PO: "What are you carrying right now?"
GOB: Well, i've got my Model 66 Smith snubbie in the holster on my belt, a SIG 226 in the glove-box & a 2-shot .22mag deringer in my right boot."
PO: "OK. Do you have anything else, with you, that shoots?"
GOB: "YEP. There's a AR-15, a Model 19 Smith 4 inch & a Model 870 Remington in the truckbox. All loaded."
PO: "Are you headed to the range?"
GOB: "Nope."
PO: "Then what in H are you afraid of?"
GOB: "Not one damn thing."


yours for LIBERTY,sw
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