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The Firing Line

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I got an e-mail from Rich Lucibella that said "The Firing Line" ) is back up and running. This was a real nice site. Probably still will be. Rich had a nice operation with some good moderators. Oh yeah, and Gunny Schmitt! :twisted: :twisted:
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Bad thing is --- they are not allowing any new registrations (tried this morning). This may change, but as of now, that is where they stand.

I just tried again --- and this time it worked --- earlier in the day it said that the Administrator had locked that function --- must have unlocked it now. 8)

It allowed me to register, but every forum is currently closed to new posting, replies, etc...

This should make for an interesting debate at The High Road. Heck, the whole purpose for its existence was so that TFL members had a place to go.
The email that Rich sent out mentioned that the fora would remained closed to posting until Tuesday (tomorrow). But he did open TFL for new member registratiions just a while ago.

I am not sure who all of the former staff was invited to return nor who may have been invited but declined. Most of the former mod & admin staff has returned. I accepted the invitation and I'll see you guys in the General Discussion forum at TFL.

As for my time here, there should be no conflict. As long as Fernando doesn't come after me with a flamethrower, I intend to stay here also. It has become part of my daily rounds. :D

A well-behaved group, I must say ... of course, there's that Bloofington guy that seems to stay on the edge. :p
I consider Rich a friend and I’m glad to see him bring TFL live. It just didn’t seem right seeing it sitting there online with no activity. I don’t know how this will impact other forums like The High Road, The Firing Range, and to a lesser extent Family, Friends, Firearms. I really hope it doesn’t cause people to stop visiting them in favor of TFL.

On the home front, I’m confident our membership will continue to grow. We have a great group of moderators and members that are fun to interact with. I personally enjoy stopping by to see what people have to say and providing information whenever possible. One thing that I really like about our forum is the diversity. There is a little bit of something for everyone. While I may visit other forums like 1911 Forum, THR,, and now TFL, it’s good to be able to come home to our forum.

Sensop – your help here is very much appreciated and I’m sure they are going to need it at TFL. No flamethrower from me. At least, not yet :wink:

Bloofington is definitely on the edge. :p
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One thing that I really like about our forum is the diversity. There is a little bit of something for everyone.
Amen! And with the likes of You, Charlie, Dean and countless others right here. It's like you say Fernando, diversity. I for one have learned a lot other than firearms related things here.
I guess the notification of the reopening of TFL is the first time in the history of the Internet that 18,000 emails at once wouldn't be Spam. :)

Oleg gave me a 10% payraise to be a moderator in THR's Legal & Political forum, which darned near wiped me out for any other playing on the I-net. Now that we've cleaned it up a bit, I hope to get out and around more.


Not familiar at all with The Firing Line, but it sounds important to a lot of good folks around here, so I hope all will be well with that web site. If B.B. Mann says it's okay, then it's okay.

As for Bloofington, I recommend keeping a close watch on him. Any further wrong moves by this troll will warrant a week in "The Hole" at Otisville.

:cop: and

Rich Lucibella started TFL in 1998 and closed it at the end of 2002. A bunch of us then started THR, with most of the old crew on board. Rich bought and totally reworked SWAT Magazine. Now, he's reopening TFL.

Both sites are strongly moderated by highly competent people (he said, as he patted himself on the back) with no foul language or flaming allowed. A large part of the deal is to attract the fence-sitters in the issues of RKBA. "No knuckle-draggers allowed." :)

Different site owners and moderators create different styles. Here, or at TFL or at THR, there's no issue of competition other than one's available hours on the Internet. Lotsa good folks with both common and different interests.

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