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The Klintons: Evil Geniuses!

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It's no secret that Hilary thinks it's her God-given right to be president in 2008, and that can't happen if the Two Johns make it this time--Her Royal Hilariness is out of the loop until at least 2012, unless someone drops dead (not that THAT couldn't happen to someone standing in the Klintons' way). For about six months now I've been wondering just how the Klintons were going to derail Kerry. Last week Rush said that they were prolly funding the Swift Boat Vets. I've been using that joke for a month. (Yes, Rush, I could do your job!) In their latest appearances on Letterman, both Bill and Hill were at best lukewarm about Kerry, and not only didn't bash Bush as much as you'd expect, each actually had some complimentary things to say about him.

So Klinton's announced "heart problem" yesterday struck me as a stroke of absolute genius! And the timing couldn't have been more perfect. It didn't interfere with the Grand Republican Show all week, but it gets both Klintons off the hook about lifting finger one to campaign for Kerry for most if not all of the rest of the campaign. And they can't be blamed in any way for the loss if the Two Johns lose! It's absolute evil brilliance, I tell you!
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I saw the press conference she gave on Friday night. She stated that this was not how either of them had planned to spend their weekend. I took that to mean "together."

Right now she is probably standing on his oxygen tube and planning to pop an inflated paper bag behind the surgeon at a critical moment.
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