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The Long & Short of them...

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First off I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mikegunner.

Back in 97 Steyr announced they were going to make a rifle that met the requirements of a Scout as determined by the Scout Rifle Conferences. Having attended Gunsite and having been "influenced" by Jeff Coopers writings/thoughts over the years I watched the development of the Scout concept. (as a side note those familure with Cooper's Gunsite Gossips will find my avitar familure, Paul (Jeff's illistrator for those two books) signed my copy of II along with drawing "Gunny Troll" in appreciation for my ideas with resulted in three of the illistrations used in that book) When Steyr announced they were putting a Scout into production I figured that would be the Perfect Retirement Gift to myself when I left the Corps.

Mike was in the process of putting together an order for these and I told him I would like to get one. At the time funds for the purchase were allocated and an order placed. Mike got the rifles in - all Jeff Cooper Packages (Cert of Authentisity, Leupold Scout Scope, Ching Sling, Case, Jeff Cooper Logo on Stock) and Mike gave me 2d choice of serial number. I told him I didn't care about serial number until he said he had serial numbers (IIRC) 130 - 145... I though about it for a moment and picked Serial number 138... the 1st Active Duty unit I was stationed with was 3rd Battalion 8th Marines. 8)

However, during the retirement process and the small activitys of trying to find post-Corps employment, in addition to normal family commitments those funds dwindled till I couldn't justify the purchase.

I told Mike I didn't have the money for the rifle and it looked as it may be sometime before I did. He said not to worry he would hold the rifle until I got the money. And that he did... for 5 years. Recently I middlemaned a business transaction which resulted in enough extra funds to finally send Mike payment.

Mike - You have my Heartfelt Thanks, first for holding on to the rifle for so long, but mostly for not bringing it up for all these years... I knew I owed you and you knew I knew... that was enough for you.

Now, to the crux of this post....

When putting the Scout into my safe I noticed a curious thing... a few patterns have developed inside on the guns I use the most. The first pattern has been calibers... for some unexplained reason all of the arms are of a Military Caliber - those being .45, .223 .308 and 12 Gauge. But the most perculiar parttern is the length and "employment" envelope of the arms. Here is how it breaks down after noticeing these developing patterns...

AI AWP, .308, Long & Heavy - Used for long range precision engagemtnts - Big game hunting.
Steyr Scout, .308, Short & Light - Used for short range and quick handling situations - Big game hunting.

Colt AR Competition, .223, Long & Heavy (relitively) - Used for "long" engagements - Varmint hunting.
Colt M4gery - .223, Short & Light (again relitively) - Used for short range & quick handling situations - Small game hunting (with .22LR conversion).

Springfield Fullsized Gunsite GSP - .45, Long and Heavy - Used for standard CCW sidearm.
Springfield Micro-Compact, .45, Short and Light (relitively) - To be used (after breaking/wring-out) for "Black Tie" CCW sidearm.

Beretta 1201 Gunsite Police Shotgun, 12 Gauge, Short & Light - Used for short range "Tactical" engagements.
??????, 12 Gauge, Long & Heavy - Used for Long Range (for shotguns) hunting. (Leaning towards a Ruger Red Label on this).

Now, I have to say that the purchases of my firearms were not a result of conscience thought of these two patterns... I just noticed them when I was putting up the scout. These patterns seem very strange to me and I wonder what Freud (Sp?) would have to say about them....

Any thoughts on this Bob?
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If my neighbors didn't know before....

Got a chance to play with the Scout yesterday for about 3/4 hour, not shoot it put play. Our road only has residences on one side, the other side is a pasture, somewhat over grown with a few Palm and Oak trees scattered through it. Beyone that is a street, about 100 yards or so away. From the front of my house there is a clear spot about 30 yards across where I can see cars moving on the street, it takes the cars about 3 seconds to tranverse this spot if they are doing the speed limit.

The drill was....

Sitting on a patio chair (cup of coffee on the table next to me) with the Scout held in my lap. I'd spy a car as it entered the clear spot. I'd raise the muzzle of the weapon with my right hand as my left hand ran through and around the Ching Sling looping up. While I'm looping up I'd bring butt of the rifle into my shoulder at the same time my left hand acquired its grip on the forestock. All the while I'm tracking the car with my eyes... as the rifle is locked into my shoulder I drop my head down to get a cheek weld. Cheek weld achieved and both eyes still tracking the car I'd shift focus (close my left eye) to the scope. With the Scout Scope the cross hairs were normally already on target.

After about 10 to 15 minutes of this drill I got to the point where I was looped up on target as the cars hit the half-way point in the clearing (approx 1.5 seconds). I could then track the cars the remaining half settleing in on a lead. Cars traveling faster then the speed limit were a definate challange! Target acquisition is extreamly fast with the Scout!!!

About 20 minutes into this drill the neighbors two doors down come out. The are Hispanic and while I've never met them my kids have played with their daughter a time or two. He is also a former Marine as evidenced by his Licence Plate (a FL USMC plate like mine). He drops the tailgate on his truck and climbs in and sits down on the side faceing in my direction, his wife sits down on the tailgate, and his daughter starts playing in the yard..

They watch what I'm doing for about 5 minutes or so. At one point I happened to be taking a sip of coffee and I looked over... he gives me a "Thumbs Up"... I nod back.

So now they know... I'm a Crazy ****** Readneck Gun Nut who relaxes by snaping in on moving vehicles! :oops:

More on the continuing saga of "Schmit & his Steyr Scout" as they develop. :roll:
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Schmit said:
Now, I have to say that the purchases of my firearms were not a result of conscience thought of these two patterns... I just noticed them when I was putting up the scout. These patterns seem very strange to me and I wonder what Freud (Sp?) would have to say about them....

Any thoughts on this Bob?
Bob is out on his bike enjoying the great weather. After some thought, I have an idea what the cause of all your troubles are. The longer arms represent your wish. The shorter ones represent reality! To quote Dean Martin from Cannonball Run, "Cause your small, small, S-M- all." :bolt:

First off, sincere congratulations on the Scout Rifle. I'm glad it's working out for you, although somewhat dismayed that such a fine- upstanding lad such as yourself is violating one of the Cardinal Rules of shooting and "..covering something with your muzzle that you aren't prepared to destroy". Shame on you, unless the cars were full of terrorists, and then if that's true shame on you for only dry firing at them.

As to your question about your the status of your mental health as indicated by your gun collection choices, let me simply remind you that even in retirement my 'freind' rates are not inconsequential, and if you're serious about having me sort out the vast , gooey brown mess that is your psyche, you might begin by sending me your Scout rifle as a retainer.

In other words, you're screwed.
See, my theory costs much less!

Munenn - uhhhh.... what about those houses/neighbors in your backyard in NY and the Remingtons and the... well, never mind. You know what I mean. :wink:
Excuse me, but I would never violate any safety rule in handling a firearm.
At least in print anyway. I flatly deny any such allegations to the contrary untill witnesses with better credibility than mine are found that are willing to testify to the contrary.

"Deny everything, then make counter accusations."
They're not just pretty words. :lol:
But Bob, I was prepared to destroy them (granted, I would have had to go into the house and get the bolt and put it in the rifle then open the safe and get some ammo)... put prepared I was, mentally.

witnesses with better credibility
Then I guess your safe. :wink:

ooooooo <snap.>

After some thought
Aaaaa, ya want to play do ya?

I could see where that would have taken you some thought... it is because your in denial... all you would have had to do is look down. At least I'm coming to terms with my shortness by recognizing it... maybe picking up one of those new little Glocks in .45 Short will help. You just go ahead and look for yet another powerfully vehicle to further vail your, how shall I say, less then manlyness.

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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Oh, gosh, my secret's out- Captain [email protected]*kless, that's me. Just yesterday Minime and I were comparing sizes, and I guess you know who won, huh?

Glad to hear that you are a Safe Shooter (in print, anyway). Wouldn't want anyone to get the idea that your meds needed re-evaluating.

How does your Scout shoot? I've heard they're quite accurate for thin-barreled rifles.
A very cool toy, indeed.

Here's a nifty quote for you to ponder;
"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." -Sigmund Freud.
Freud loved cigars, and an observer once asked him if by smoking giant stogies he was vicariously displaying his phallus. That was his response.
This friendly banter reminds me of the time I left the kids with Schmit & Munenn not that long ago for about an hour or so at my house. We had some of the rifles and spotting scope on the back deck during the great frog campaign. When my wife and I got back we had just missed the police. The girls thought it was the funniest thing. All the rifles on the back deck and the police coming down the driveway after the neighbors called about the shooting. One of the boneheads (I can’t recall if it was Schmit or Munenn) pulled the charging handle on the AR-15 to show the .22 conversion kit (and that it wasn't .223 being shot from the deck) to the officer and a live .22 lr popped out of the chamber and fell to the ground in front of the officer, who picked it up.

One thing for sure, when Schmit and Munenn are around, there is never a dull moment!
It was Schmidt.
Uhh...... Schmit. (sp?)
Hey Munenn, do you remember that???

I don't remember that!!!

Fernando is dillusional yet again, either his meds need to be reevaluated once more or he has just stopped taking them. He mentioned that you and him were going to try and go rideing today.... check the inside of his helmet... see if he's got tinfoil lining it.

And didn't AP's dad call Minime a Tripod? Have you seen the outtakes (not sure if it was in the original movie) where Brittney Spears asks for his number? That happened to me once... but it wasn't Brittney Spears, more along the lines of Rosie O'Donald.
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