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Penn State, Sandusky, Climategate and Whitewashing John O'Sullivan has some great posts up about how Penn State whitewashed both the Sandusky and Climategate investigations.
Legal investigation into Penn State University exposes institutional cover up of the Jerry Sandusky pedophile scandal. Judge's findings also throw new light on "whitewash" investigation of Climategate suspect, Michael Mann.

Former FBI Director Judge Louis Freeh and his law firm have now published their independent report (July 12, 2012) that "assessed the facts and circumstances of the actions of Pennsylvania State University surrounding the child abuse crimes of former employee, Gerald A. Sandusky." The shocking story made international headlines. Lawyers for the child sex victims say Judge Freeh's Report affirms that the university hierarchy "chose to protect themselves, Penn State's brand and image."
Read the whole thing. It's very revealing.

In other news:
The NCAA fined Penn State $60,000,000, suspended the football team from playoffs and bowl games for four years, reduced the number of scholarships and vacated the past fourteen years of wins. The hand wringing in the MSM where they invariably quote someone claiming Paterno made one bad decision has me questioning the motives behind the spin. The MSM doesn't want to report on a child molesting football coach and those who enabled him. Paterno and Penn State made the same bad decision every day for fourteen years. Lets call it five thousand bad decisions to protect a retired coach who molested boys.
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