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"The Untouchables"

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I picked up a Blu-ray copy of The Untouchables at Wally World yesterday (It was one of those bargain Blu-ray's of older flicks that don't cost an arm and a leg).

I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed this movie. Yeah, it wasn't historically accurate (much), but how can you not like DeNiro as Capone, Connery as the old Irish Beat Cop, Andy Garcia as the sharpshooter and Costner as Ness? But Charlie Martin Smith as the accountant, suddenly thrust into the adrenaline-rush business of a real cop was just freakin' great!

The scene where Ness and crew were intercepting a shipment from Canada at the border was priceless. Smith's character see's Garcia's character get wounded, jumps out with his Model 1897 shotgun and starts blazing away. He runs out of ammo, and charges the Capone henchman (who's a good foot taller than Smith), shoves the barrel into the guys gut and butt strokes him in the head, knocking him out. Smith see's liquor running from barrels that had been hit by gunfire, and gets him a little drink. Priceless.

Of course "the Chicago way" speech by Connery, and the recruitment scene with Garcia are great, too. Just an all around good flick.
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