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Thieu Leight Furyu, Vietnamese Track Star Dead at 23. . . .

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Rising Vietnamese 100 meter sprinting sensation, Theiu Leight Furyu, was found shot to death in his hotel on the eve of a major international meet in London last night. Vietnamese officials issued a short statement that seemed to indicate it was a suicide, but it is well known that Furyu had come under sharp criticism from his government for always finishing too late, or out of the money and medals in major events. Furyu had refused to give up his spot in the meet to 19 year phenom Wun Wai Nao who had recently beaten Furyu in the Vietnamese championships after a bad start by Furyu.

The details of the investigation into the mysterious death of a promising young athlete are bound to unfold in the days to come, barring a suspected Vietnamese government coverup, which some anonymous sources have suggested may already be in the works.

Unfortunately for Thieu Leight Furyu, it is also . . .

Thieu Leight Nao.
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I can recommend a good doctor for these delusisions. :D
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