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Things NOT to take out of your trunk

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The flashlights that you always keep handy. Don't take those out of your trunk... they are there for a reason and should you remove them, that's when you are going to need them.
That handy little tool kit you picked up just for the sole purpose of keeping in your trunk for "just in case"... yeah... it's a good idea to leave it there in the trunk too...


Yesterday I took them out and didn't put them back.
Last night in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night... worst possible. place and worse possible time - I needed them.

It's no big deal walking 10 miles into town with a bad knee and having to use a cane.... the weather was nice and the sky was clear... stars and moon were gorgeous. Saw a spectacular shooting star. It was really quite lovely.
Had my Beretta Cougar on my hip so I wasn't worried about the coyotes I could hear following me in the brush off in the distance. I think they were just hoping I dropped a sandwich or something.

Once I got into town and got to a phone, and got a flashlight and a screwdriver and a little wire connector (which I have in my tool kit that was at home where I should have been) it was only a few minutes before my father in law and I had the old Bronco Battle Wagon back up and running like a champ.

Problem was that the Coil needs power in order send a spark through the system to the plugs... a broken wire stopped that from happening. Easy fix. Coulda done it with no problem had I not emptied out the back earlier that day!

Lessons learned the hard way...

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Either those items or a cell phone and a case of beer. :lol:

I always carry a Leatherman on my belt. About the only thing you can't do with that is change spark plugs. :)
Yeah, you can. Did on my RD-400 on the side of the road between Cedar City and Bever Utah. Well, I used it to tighten the plug that vibrated out. Used a bit of rubber to wrap the plug insulator and use the pliers to twist it tight.
You can do anything with a leatherman.
Add an adjustable wrench to that list--they are a pain to mess with, but sometimes those nutjobs down at the dealerships will put in a combination of metric and inch nuts--I have spent more time simply digging around trying to find which wrench or socket to use than I have spent actually removing or putting nuts back in :evil: .

Duct tape, WD-40, jumper cables, and one of those air compressors you get at Wal-Mart for $20 are also handy.
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