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Three Gun returns to the roots?

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Worth a read:

Resurgence 3-Gun, reawakening the original - The Firearm Blog

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That is still spoken of in Charlotte.

In hushed tones, but still.
john shaw was my mentor- and I believe that's an 1100 in the picture- talk about a ( pardon the pun) blast from the past- we've long since parted ways, but I still have his book" you can't miss" and use his loads -
Too bad nobody has the balls or the facilities to do that anywhere near Seattle... FAS in Onalaska's a "maybe candidate," but when you don't drive getting there might as well be trying to go to Mars. :(
I remember the first one. I did well but, it kicked my butt. It was what IPSC was gonna be. I stopped shooting IPSC when an event called for 34 rounds standing in a cut off 55 gal drum. Not "practical" (in the original meaning of the term). I went thru the whole "warrior" vs "sportsman" controversy and gave up in disgust.
I recall it as martial artist vs gamesman, but about the same. I went to my first USPSA match in decades last month. The martial artistes (not the same as martial artists) were much in evidence.

I quit IPSC/USPSA after a match where a couple of stages featured "problems" that would have made air support the best option.
I am revisiting this thread, because in my search for the Soldier of Fortune picks for NRA Board Elections this year, I came across this write-up that they had at their site, on this subject:
Ah to be young and foolish again.
Who can use his cane as a shooting stick.
It's amazing how much SOF has evolved since the death of Mike Echanis.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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