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Timothy Treadwell - R.I.P(ieces)

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Anyone remember "Kodiak Keith" Rogan from the ol' SS BB? Impossible not to think of him with last week's "grizzly discovery."
We're hoping the shark will finally SMASH his snout through the cage, grab the greenie-yuppie and shake him like a terrier with a rat. We're hoping that Crocodile finally chomps down on that giddy little Aussie's head and pops it like a cantaloupe.
Sings to Grizzlies… Humberto Fontova is a very funny, and spot-on, writer!
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Someone pointed out to this brown bear "expert" that his practices were dangerous, and was answered with, "I'd be honored to end up as bear scat."
One should be careful about one's wishes.
Great story Dean.

Tim: our paper had the same quote and it strains credulity that anyone could be that stupid.
From ESPN Outdoors Website

Bear attack captured on tape

By Rachel D'oro
Associated Press

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The graphic sounds of a deadly bear attack in the Alaska wilderness were captured on tape, revealing a wildlife author's final, frantic screams as he tried to fend off the beast, authorities said Wednesday.


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