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Hello. Been doing LOTS of 1911 shooting lately in various calibers and while I really, really enjoy shooting these grand ol' things, I had sort of neglected my Hi Powers.

Anyway, I got to the range and did the usual bullseye, slow-fire stuff and then did some of the more "practical" type shooting as it's been a while since I'd practiced such with the Hi Power.

First, the longer reset problem experienced by some of the really fast 1911 guys I frequently shoot with did not manifest itself. Perhaps that is because I'm not all that fast compared to some or maybe it's because I've been shooting Hi Powers for 30 years; don't know, but it didn't happen.

I'd "forgotten" how very nicely these guns handle at speed and how easy it is to get good controlled pairs quickly.

Did a bit of that and then an "El Presidente" as well as some strong-hand, weak-hand shooting and finished up with five 5-shot 15 yard groups done slow-fire.

If you're a Hi Power fan and have "neglected" your P35 for a time, drag it out and shoot it. I've done this several times over the years and always enjoy these "reunions." I don't know why I'm continually surprised as the end result is always the same: Shooting these makes me appreciate how very well they work, point, group, and handle in both slow, rapid, aimed, and unaimed fire.

Though not done on this outting, a fellow sent me some of the Winchester Ranger 147-gr. LE ammo. I cannot remember if I posted the results here or not so bear with me if I already have.

As this ammo is normally used by law enforcement, it was an "excuse" to use my old duty Hi Power for this test.

Based on 10-shots from this gun:

Average Velocity: 980 ft/sec
Extreme Spread: 39
Std. Deviation: 11

Fired into water the Winchester RA9T 147-gr. JHP expanded well.

The expanded 147-gr. bullet is a very close match to the +P+ 127-gr. version. I personally prefer the faster bullet, but for those who do not, this would make a very good load I suspect.

Here is the 147-gr. (left) compared to the 127-gr.

Fired off-hand at 15 yards the load groups plenty good enough for defensive purposes in my estimation.

Recoil was mild and there were no malfunctions in this admittedly short "test."

Some have expressed interest in the 147-gr. JHP for use in the Hi Powers but note that the Winchester Ranger SXT ammunition can be hard to find in their locals. It can be found on the Internet pretty inexpensively if interested. Still, some folks prefer to use that which they can buy at their local gun shop. In that light, I'm including results from a couple of other "heavy bullet" 9mm loads.

Speer's readily available 147-gr. Gold Dot fed reliabily and grouped well from my Hi Powers.

Average Velocity: 1019 ft/sec
Extreme Spread: 38
Std. Deviation: 13

This one was recovered from super-saturated newsprint that had been submerged in water for 24 hours and then drained 30 minutes before shooting. (Results are virtually identical when fired into water.)

Remington 147-gr. Golden Saber also performed well.

Average Velocity: 1033 ft/sec
Extreme Spread: 42
Std. Deviation: 17

The bullet on the left was fired into the newsprint. The one on the right was recovered from water.

In recent days I've also been asked about Magtech Guardian Gold. In 9mm I've only looked at the standard pressure 124-gr. JHP.

Average Velocity: 1096 ft/sec
Extreme Spread: 61
Std. Deviation: 19

This one expanded nicely in soaked newsprint. This round always shed its jacket in either water or "wetpack." In water, I'd only recover bits of the jacket and tiny shards of lead. I think there are probably better, more consistent performers than this load. It reacts very differently in the two media.

At 15 yards I find no problems with its accuracy. It was 100% in both Hi Powers I've tried it in.

It was really good to shoot the Hi Power just for grins recently.


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I do not think the Hi Power will ever cease to be a fine weapon.
You just gotta love the young shooters that look at such guns and scoff at the older style guns while they break out their own new Glocks or such and shoot a group the size of a hoola hoop at 10 feet.

Handguns do not get obsolete like computers, music, fashion, or cars do.

Fads die... but Classics are forever.
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