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Trainig accident claims lives of two FBI Agents in VA

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Two Hostage Rescue Team agents were lost, the article implies they may have been practicing fast roping onto a Ship. Sad, and it reminds one that the training they do is dangerous too.

Two FBI agents killed in accident in Virginia Beach area - The Washington Post
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has everyone forgotten who murdered Randy Weaver's wife, and all the kids at Waco? it wasn't the ATF, it was the FBI who did those things.
maybe, and maybe they are the same jackbooted thugs that we've suffered under in the past, too.
now look, dude. I did NOT say anything about dying, so twist off, got it? The fbi aint supposed to be playing SEAL, anyway. wth has rappeling out of choppers got to do with legit cop work, anyway? There is no reason at all for there to be ANY federal cops,doing any sort of enforcement. Crimes are committed in SOME state, let that state's cops handle them. Or let the military or the DC cops or the tribal cops handle it.. This idea that the feds are some special jurisdiction is the bunk, in the first place. it WAS policy, btw, for the crud that they pulled, and it WAS proven, but the punks at the top don't dare hand down the harshness that was deserved, since they knew that some of the guys in the lower ranks know "where the bodies are buried" about much worse things, committed by the "higher ups".
what legit leo training involves helicopter bs, hmm? it's that sort of stuff that gov't use against "rebels". and guys like you approve of it, until YOU are the one being attacked. no, the waco and Ruby ridge abuses of power were NOT adjudicated, either. the prosecutor REFUSED to charge those Nazi bastards.
that's right, the cop mentality leads them to enforce ANY law, which is condemnation enough of their mindset. Remember, they COULD have chosen to be firemen. Firemen help people and are beloved. Cops have to make many people angry, it's part of the job. So what sort of person takes and keeps a cop job? The answer is most often "power seekers" Many a cop would rather rape his grandmother than give up his badge and gun.
I'd be much better protected, and so would my property. if there were no cops. I'd just put out some tempting "bait', with it wired for sound, and hang the bodies of the thieves all about, with signs on them as to why they were hanging there. There's not going to be any assaulting or battering done here, I assure you. :) By not allowing one to defend oneself and one's properly properly, we have allowed a huge group of scumbags to prosper and breed.

yeah, yeah, and ONLY the FEDS can have such wonderful cops, right? I mean, it's beyond the ability of the individual states, and let's HEAR what these special situations are, hmm? I bet that there's either other ways to do it, or it doesn't really need done in the first place. There WAS no swat, even on the local level, until the 68 riots, and those could have been handled a LOT better, in other ways. there was no fbi until Hoover just MADE THEM UP,. basically, in the 30's. Just as there is not a damned word in the Constitution about the Supremes being able to declare a law "unconstitutional". John marshall just made THAT up, too. And we let it stand.
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