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Trainig accident claims lives of two FBI Agents in VA

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Two Hostage Rescue Team agents were lost, the article implies they may have been practicing fast roping onto a Ship. Sad, and it reminds one that the training they do is dangerous too.

Two FBI agents killed in accident in Virginia Beach area - The Washington Post
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that "sweeping bombardment " thing goes back to ww1- but EVERYONE has to be on the same page- it was a favorite of the 'empire"( not starwars) but the infantry had to advance at a measured pace and the arty laid down fire in front so many yards- there's a formula( you know how brits love math) which was blast radius plus feet- just the same as live fire during basic- the one where you crawl under the barbed wire and the machine gun is set at about 6-0 feet above you- some armies STILL train that way
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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