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Trainig accident claims lives of two FBI Agents in VA

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Two Hostage Rescue Team agents were lost, the article implies they may have been practicing fast roping onto a Ship. Sad, and it reminds one that the training they do is dangerous too.

Two FBI agents killed in accident in Virginia Beach area - The Washington Post
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... You fight like you train. If you don't train you fail. GOOD training is dangerous and unfortunately, good people get killed in good training.
If you just "phone it in" because it's dangerous, when you need it for real, you often fail.
I recall a story about infantry training; this occured just after WW2. Soldiers were being trained how to syncronize their activity with artillery bombardment. An accident happened killing some soldiers. A lady kongresskritter (they apparently had 'em back then too) got her panties in a wad and caused enough of a s-storm that this training got either eliminated or removed -- no more live fire artillery!

Then along came the Korean War. "You fight like you train." True, dfariswheel. But when you haven't trained you don't fight; you die.

I often think we ought to elect representatives who have a better understanding of what it takes to succeed in warfare.........
has everyone forgotten who murdered Randy Weaver's wife, and all the kids at Waco? it wasn't the ATF, it was the FBI who did those things.
An absurd and insulting non sequitor. Lon Horiuchi was the FBI sniper who shot Randy Weaver's wife, and there were also U.S. Marshals involved in the Ruby Ridge shootings. All this was adjucated through the U.S. court system.
Grave errors of judgement, if not law, were made.
No one has "forgotten" Ruby Ridge, nor dare I say, Waco.
Some of the harshest critics of those incidents were many of the LEOs who were there.
Nor is it appropriate to blame an entire agency, ad infinititum, for specific acts, unless it can be proven that those acts stemmed from United States' policy, or federal agency policy, and I'll save the trouble:

So enough, OK?
I doubt there's anyone on this board who approves of what happened to either the Weavers or the Branch Davidians. So let's keep the black helicopter/conspiracy / militia / Alex Jones stuff where it belongs;
away from THIS forum! Please?
what legit leo training involves helicopter bs, hmm? it's that sort of stuff that gov't use against "rebels". and guys like you approve of it, until YOU are the one being attacked. no, the waco and Ruby ridge abuses of power were NOT adjudicated, either. the prosecutor REFUSED to charge those Nazi bastards.

Really, there's no possible law enforcement application for this?
There's NEVER been ANY type of criminal activity that could be dealt with with this equipment -- in fact, required it?

Like anything else it is a sword that cuts both ways.
When we learned to split the atom we learned how to destroy a city with one bomb, but we learned how to provide power for it with one reactor.
A group of highly trained men can form themselves into a SWAT team and rescue hostages and capture thugs in very difficult tactical situations ... they can also form "einsatzgruppen" and be used to destroy undesirable people or political opponents.
It depends upon how they're used, which stems from the kind of men they are. I cannot believe any LEO today who has joined up to maintain safety and the good order of society would be willing to allow himself to become a member of any modern-day "einsatgruppen."
Yes, examples of bad LEO exist. We have the aforementioned examples of Ruby Ridge and Waco, where federal law enforcement efforts "went sideways." I could go into the reasons I believe they happened and IMHO the truth itself is damning enough of these two actions. I spent a lot of time back in the 1990s looking into these actions and debunking all the garbage myths & lies that popped up about them that today, I really don't want to rehash it all.
In any case the final conclusion I came to was that it is unhelpful to engage in conspiracy mongering. If you want to fear, better to fear the politicians who make the law -- which is what the police will be enfocing.
Become politically aware! Know what those policritters want to do! VOTE!
THAT, in a nutshell, is how to defend yourself.
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that's right, the cop mentality leads them to enforce ANY law, which is condemnation enough of their mindset. Remember, they COULD have chosen to be firemen. Firemen help people and are beloved. Cops have to make many people angry, it's part of the job. So what sort of person takes and keeps a cop job? The answer is most often "power seekers" Many a cop would rather rape his grandmother than give up his badge and gun.

Good grief.
I said that the politicians make the laws that the police enforce, and you have a say in who gets to be a politician.
Does that have ANY MEANING WHAT-SO-EVER TO YOU?:poke::poke::poke::poke:

If someone assaulted you, beat you to a pulp, put you in the hospital, and the police showed up when you reported it and told you that they weren't going after the thug who hurt you because they had decided that assault & battery laws ought not be enforced, how would you feel about that?

Your final comment is simply base and insulting. You obviously have some kind of "bug up your bum" regarding law enforcement. I respectfully suggest you step back and reconsider your attitude. It is (aside from being vulgar) insulting and puerile.
No one here believes all police are perfect. There is no perfection among humans. We all make mistakes in both our private lives as well as professional lives. But to do a broad-brush "beat-down" on all police is a hallmark of the unthinking reactionary -- and that has never been a good thing. I strongly suspect it stems from some incident in your past which you have been unable to deal with rationally because you have wrapped your id up in your ego too tightly.

Step back and get a perspective. You will in the end, be happier, and will probably last longer here for it.
Just my humble suggestion.;)
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I'd suggest to just stop responding.

If this is who we think it is, he's a convicted felon, and has some really quite serious mental issues. I mean that in a literal way.
He's caused chaos in a number of gun forums and he feeds on the disruption.
The more you respond the worse it gets.

For a idea of what he is and can cause, use your search engine to do a search for "Gun Kid".
Oh hhiiiimmmmmm!:rolleyes: Does he still have his tactical wheelbarrow?:sm_angel:
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