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Transition Complete

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Well, my bike suspension and body work project is complete. She's kind of dirty in these pics. 'Just finished a 600 mile round trip to Florida. 'Sure rides nice.

Just home ...

Bags, back rest and rack off ...

6 degrees rake over stock, wide front end with 41mm tubes, 4 inches over stock fork length, 19 inch front wheel & tire changed to 21 inch, rear lowered one half inch, ...

More power is next. In the basement, waiting on me is an Andrews cam, a Mikuni Carb, Screamin' Eagle performance heads, 95 inch jugs, and Screamin' Eagle flat tops. 'Already have the Thunderheader and Dyna ignition on.
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Very nice bike. What do you think it will put out, horsepower wise, once you complete the engine mods? What brand is the exhaust?

That's a Thunderheader exhaust. HP isn't up to what you liquid cooled fans are used to and probably never will be, but it is a torque monster.

Stock, these Twin Cams (TC 88 - 1450 cc) put out about 65 -67 horses and about 85 ft lbs of torque ... and that would be around 3000 rpm. There are a lot of grandiose predictions about what various combinations of engine upgrade will give back in those departments, but the plain fact is that an air-cooled engine simply does not have the inherent capability to remain reliable in the long term and get the kind of hp numbers a, say a Ducati, has. I am trying to build a reliable everyday rider, that runs the way the design is capable. These bikes are EPA'd so lean it is scary.

My redline is set at 6250 rpm. Factory is set at somewhere around 5500-5600 rpm. I have a selectable ignition upggrade.

When all is said and done, I expect somewhere around 100-110 ft lbs Tq and 80-85 Hp. The nice thing about the components I have chosen in my upgrade is a Tq curve that should jump up early (1800-2200) and stay up (5800+). When I get above 3500 rpm, I should see the hp gains. I ride different from most HD riders. In the first place I ride a lot. 11000 miles in the last 3 months. Secondly I like to spin it up. I NEVER let the engine get below 2000, once I've gotten through it the first time. 3000-4500 rpm is where I like to ride. That makes the "potato-potato-chucka-potato-potato" trademark HD V-twin sound a little hard to discern. :)

Oh, and I have a great big honkin' Mikuni HSR 45mm carb to include in the upgrade too. Take THAT EPA!

I realize these rpm numbers are close to idle warmup for you Duc riders ... 8)
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Come on now, there are more similarities between your bike and my ST4 than you think. 8) They are both V-Twins… well the Ducati is more like an L-Twin but close enough. The ST4 is a touring bike and meant to be ridden for long hauls. I would definitely say it’s reliable. Although my arse will argue, a trip to NY and back (1,400 miles) was pleasant. The ride position wasn’t brutal like sportbikes.

Rev wise, the ST4 likes 4,000 rpms when your going 65-80 mph. The bike is just downright fun at 7,000 rpms and up. That’s when it reminds you that your on a Ducati. :wink:

You definitely got me beat in torque. The ST4’s 916cc only puts outs 59 ft-lbs of torque at 8,700 rpms. Even as a die hard Ducati fan, I still like cruisers. What better bike to run to the grocery store for coffee creamer or milk! :mrgreen:

Seriously, I wouldn’t mind a Victory Vegas! That's another bike I lust for.
7,000 rpm! :shock: Holy Jesus! My whirly parts would seek communion with the sun. (Note to self: Keep thy eye on thy tach, lest thy motor disassemble in random order.)

The Vegas is a beautiful scoot. 'Reminds me a lot of a Duece.

A good riding (seating) position is something I payed a lot of attention to and spent some bucks chasing. It's correct now, for my short, wide, stubby frame.

I'm waiting on HD to come out with a liquid bagger. If I can afford it, that'll be my winter bike and long trip bike.
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