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The Phillidelphia Inquire said:
Posted on Tue, Mar. 02, 2004

Senate bill can end misleading debate on guns

John R. Lott Jr.
is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute

Gun-control advocates should fear the votes today in the Senate, but not for the reason that most people think. ... 081743.htm

Fox News said:
Do Gun Control Activists Pad Gun Death Statistics?

Wednesday, March 03, 2004
By Wendy McElroy
Last week's release of police documents and evidence on the April, 1999, Columbine school shootings has sparked many questions - not only on the specifics of Columbine but also on the general issue of guns.,2933,113094,00.html

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And an excerpt from another…

The appearance by Kerry, the Democratic presidential front-runner, provided a dramatic moment. After weeks on the campaign trail, he returned to the Senate floor Tuesday morning and embraced Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., one of the sponsors of the gun-show loophole amendment. Kerry then addressed the Senate, speaking for Feinstein's amendment. "The opposition to this commonsense gun safety law is being driven by the NRA," said Kerry, a longtime hunter who has downplayed gun control during his campaign for the Democratic nomination. "I don't believe this is the voice of responsible gun ownership." He also accused Bush of backtracking on his pledge to sign Feinstein's bill. "Now under pressure he's walking away from that commitment, as he has from so many others," said Kerry.
This came from yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle, and was bylined Edward Epstein.
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