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Uniformed Marine not allowed on bus - here in America

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I am disgusted.
I am livid.

Greyhound is going to hear from me today.

Greyhound BTW has a contract with the military to transport recruits... at least from the MEPS in Richmond to the airport... and then from the airport in Georgia to Ft Benning.

And then they tell this ticket holding Marine he is just out of luck?

I'm flat out ticked off.
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Shameful. :(
When I read this, I was overcome by (to borrow from Kim Du Toit) the RCOB.
I'll be writing to Greyhound about this.
If this really happened for the imagined reasons, could it be that some American companies are joining the Axis Of Weasel?

Why doesn't that surprise me? You would have thought a story like that could happen in New York City or The People's Republik of San FranCrisco, not in the Carolinas. I'd like to hear the end of Greyhound's investigation and what the driver has to say for himself.
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