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SOme suggestons maybe?

Ha anyone see either of the "Kill Bill" movies? They look interesting to me but I haven't heard one way or t'other. We never go out to movies anymore and rarely rent. We usually wait for it to come out on one of the cable channels or occaisonally buy them outright sight-unseen.

I have just recently seen for the first time:

The Usual Supects (I thought it was excellent even if it took me almost 10 years to watch it.)

Heat (see above)

Suggestons anyone?


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How much do you like/dislike Tarantino?

I really liked both Kill Bill volumes. The first volume is faster paced with some gore to it and excellent sword fighting. It's got a very good animé portion too. The second volume had some Kung Fu theater and a great fight between Uma and Darryl :wink: Gotta love it!

I'm not much of a critic and if I was couldn't express it very well in English. So, let me know what you think when you watch them.

There's some talk about the movies at the following link:

Check it out.
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