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This is sort of deep background for the bureaucrats, bookworms and bullshooters lurking amongst us. I'm keeping it stashed in a .txt file for later use, or until my 120 Gb hard drive overflows, which may be any day now.

I was poking around the web, looking for 2d Amendment stuff. Wound up with this - not _directly_ relevant to the 2d, but useful in understanding all amendments, past, present, or proposed. The source URL follows the text found, in each case. It is important to note the source for each definition, what is true about amendments in one state may be different in another.

Incidentally, you will probably not be able to click on these URLs. Just highlight, copy, and then paste it in your browser.

Definitions of amendment on the Web:

the act of amending or correcting

a statement that is added to or revises or improves a proposal or document (a bill or constitution etc.)

A proposal by a Member (in committee or floor session of the respective Chamber) to alter the language or provisions of a bill or act. It is voted on in the same manner as a bill. The Constitution of the United States, as provided in Article 5, may be amended when two thirds of each house of Congress approves a proposed amendment and three fourths of the states thereafter ratify it.

Any proposed alteration to a bill or resolution as it moves through the legislative process. Amendments to a measure may be proposed by members in their assigned committees or by any member of a chamber during that chamber's second reading or third reading consideration of the measure. ... ossary.htm

(1) A change made in proposed legislation after it has been formally introduced. An amendment may be proposed by the committee to which the bill was referred, or it may be proposed by a Member from the floor of either House when it is brought up for consideration. All amendments must be agreed to by a majority of the Members voting in the House where the amendment is proposed. (2) A change in the Constitution. Such an amendment is usually proposed in the form of a joint resolution of Congress, which may originate in either House. If passed, it does not go to the President for his approval but is submitted directly to the States for ratification. ... dix_e.html

Formal proposal to change the language of a bill or resolution after it has been introduced.

A proposal to change a procedural motion or proposed legislation. Types and versions of amendments include: Committee amendment. Recommended changes to a bill, which a committee has agreed upon. Each adopted committee amendment accompanies the bill reported favorably out of committee for floor consideration. When the bill goes to the floor, the committee amendment must be considered before any other amendment may be taken up.
Floor amendment. A proposal offered by one or more legislators for consideration in the respective chamber.
Technical amendment. A non-substantive amendment used to correct errors such as spelling, numbering, incorrect coding or directory language.

Variation in the terms or conditions of any document. In the case of Letters of credit, an amendment to a letter of credit is issued by the Issuing bank under the direction of the applicant, and is advised to the Advising bank, following the same route as the original LC.

An addition to the terms of an agreement. See also Modification.

A proposal of a member of Congress to alter the language, provisions or stipulations in a bill, resolution, motion, treaty, or other amendment. An amendment is usually printed, debated and voted upon in the same manner as a bill. ... 0Terms.htm

A change of a bill, motion, act, or the Constitution .

A change or addition to the Constitution.

A formal written document signed by both the insurance company and the policyholder, which changes the terms of the insurance policy ... Terms.html

1) a correction or alteration; 2) formal revision of, addition to, or change of an official document, such as a resolution or constitution; 3) a specific text proposed to revise or alter a document; synonyms include emendation, alteration, change, revision, modification, improvement, correction, rectification

Formal proposal to change the language of a bill after it has been introduced.

A proposal to change the original terms of a bill.

A formal document which corrects or revises an insurance master policy. See also Endorsement and Rider. (G) ... eral-a.htm

A proposal to alter the text of a pending bill or other measure by striking out some of it, by inserting new language, or both. Before an amendment becomes part of the measure, the Senate must agree to it.

A proposal to change or an actual change to a bill, a motion, an act or the U.S. Constitution.

a change or addition to an existing law or rule.

A proposal by a member of the Senate or House to alter the language of a bill or act. An amendment is considered for approval in the same manner as a bill. ... 698-1.html

When a bill is introduced, changes may be offered by legislators to the proposed language as it makes its way through the legislative process - these changes are called amendments. There is no limit to the number of amendments that may be offered on any particular bill, but they do not formally become a part of a bill until approved by the full Assembly or Senate. ... ossary.cfm

- a change that is made to a bill, act, or to the Constitution.

-A change to a bill or motion. An amendment is debated and voted on in the same manner as a bill. ... ossary.asp

A change (correction, deletion, or addition) to any information contained in an IFB or RFP (or previous amendment thereto). The amendment becomes part of the solicitation and any resulting contract.

Change, addition or deletion in the wording of a Bill under consideration either in Committee or in Chamber. (See Also Second Reading and Third Reading)

An alteration of the language in a bill or resolution, usually proposed by a committee when it reports to the full house for action on its recommendations regarding a bill or resolution.
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