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I saw your AmBackYard promotional offer over on V-TwinForum. Good for you.

I'm thinking about soliciting suggestions and posting some guidelines on a biker's camping/traveling kit. AmBack is a perfect place to do that.

I haven't found any place online that caters to the cross-country biker, or the casual overnight biking traveler for that matter. Maybe a couple of different levels of kit ... Sport Bike (minimal), Cruiser (more) and Touring (max). Of course, it doesn't have to be linked to the type of bike, just the length of trip (distance or days away from home). What do you think of this project? It could be done right here in this forum.

You know the bikers will come.:) Have you seen anything like this online?
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Your idea came at the best time. Munenn and me just did a 1400-mile ride (roundtrip) from NC to NY. Weather ranged from great to downright lousy. Before we left we came up with the essential stuff to have with us in case of bike problems as well as other basic stuff. It would have been great to be able to have a single kit for each bike instead of having to piece stuff together.

I’ve been to a bunch of places online and found all kinds of neat gear. However, I have yet to find gear put together in the form of a specific kit.

You have my full blessing on your project. Let me know what I can do to help. Heck, I like the idea enough that if it makes sense, we can market the final kits via AmBack! :rock:
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