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How many of you feel Great about President Trump

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Thank you for choosing this target stand built by Disabled veterans and veterans,buy purchasing this stand some of the proceeds will help veterans in our community. This stand has what is needed for the range simply put a complete target stand,but without the "paper targets". Gone are the days the need for a sledge,staple gun etc. Simply step into the ground and use the push-pins on a calm day or the brass brads on a breezy day, "Oh yes" a small nail is included to get the hole started in the plastic corr-gated board. ENJOY and thank you for helping our VETERANS!! Note we will be including more payment options in the coming days. WE pay shipping which is:$26 to $41 per stand. You pay only $19.00 which is included in the price. will send this link in an email. Purchasing this helps keeps Veterans employed,THANK YOU!! We bill and invoice through Pay pal thanks Kevin
Email us at :[email protected] or Email:[email protected]


1 - 2 of 2 Posts