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Virus Purporting Bin Laden Suicide Hits Web

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Virus Purporting Bin Laden Suicide Hits Web For the story click HERE
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Kind of interesting in a very sick sort of way, but then again, that's the key.

Bin Laden = A virus

Bin Laden is a virus because Satan plants a seed of discontent in a person's mind and unchecked by obedience to a certain spiritual law laid down by Satan's chief enemy, The Lord, that person becomes a low life piece of' walking garbage, an enemy of society, with a poisoned mind, threatening to spread that poison to others.

Al Qaeda = A virus

Indeed they are. They have spread to one third of the nations on earth and created citizen populations in certain countries who influence the social policies of those nations. In other nations, they overthrow governments, oppress peoples to the point of genocide and create situations that lead to "violent unrest" thereby destabilizing those nations and making them subject to the oppressive rule of ideologues who subscribe to the same ideals as the members of Al Qaeda.

Bin Laden is one who has subscribed to certain ideals which gave way to a certain doctrine. Then that doctrine has been spread to people that have adopted it as their own, or become individual "cells" in the disease, and now they are all over the world.

The day is coming folks, the day is coming.

These low life pieces of' walking garbage can take us easily. Knock out a few key power plants, bring down a couple of satellites, invade the computer systems, bring most computer generated, and also broadcast and telecast transmissions to a halt and invade. We don't have the numbers to deal with an armed invasion consisting of many millions of people and we have been hamstrung by the anti-gun lobby. Imagine a giant army consisting of MILLIONS of troops landing here.

Imagine town to town and house to house fighting here in America. With what do we defend ourselves against an army of 25-100 million people invading us and also some of our own "citizens" rising up in certain enclaves in certain states and helping in the invasion.

This virus that Mike has mentioned is probably just another step in the master plan. I'd be careful if I were us. There has still been NO SATISFACTORY EXPLANATION for the blackout that affected FIFTY MILLION people that began at 1611 hours on August 14, 2003.

Many of us have accepted the explanation that "it all began near a power plant in The Mistake By The Lake when a cow trying to evade a low flying crow who was itself in the process of evading a diving, hungry bald eagle, tripped over a wire and set a domino effect in place, knocking out power to fifty million people."

Yeah sure, and if you hang on just a few more minutes, I'll post the deed to the Brooklyn Bridge here, and maybe Bigg Bosss Mann will allow us to have an on line bid for it. That way, we kill two birds with one stone. But that'll probably have the PETA people on our butts.
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