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Wanted to say "Hi"

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"HI!" Some of you may recognize the user name. I usually hang out on Shooters, 1911 forum and The High Road. I don't post a lot but do a lot of lurking. Found this site over on The High Road and thought that I would join in.
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Dodge --

I have never been to any of those boards -- but welcome to ours. As one of the moderators, I can promise you that our board here will be much different than most of em out there. The Adminstrators and Moderators here will not allow the flaming and bickering you see on other boards. Rememeber that this is a family board and I know for a fact that there are members here that are minors. Please only post things that you would not be afraid to have YOUR child read! :wink:

Again ---- welcome and don't feel that you have to lurk on our boards ---- feel free to join in on any/all discussions that interest you.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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