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Bengals - 16
Jets - 7

The Jets kick off the season against a revamped Bengals team. No longer can the Cincinnati franchise virtually be expected to go 3-13. Santana Moss will probably go down with an injury that will keep him out for at least half the season. The Jets will fail to leave the terminal, much less head out for the runway, as the Bengals munch on 'fuselage con cockpit' for the day, and a dessert of 'strawberry black box.'

The only resemblance between this and any greatness the Jets franchise may ever have had will be that the score matches that of Super Bowl III, a much happier day in history for Jets fans.

And yes, as much as we all hate to keep reliving Vietnam, so I wish I didn't have to keep reliving Super Bowl III, but . . .

that's all we got. :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

Have a heart, willya? :duh:

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:roll: Jets win 17 to 6
This will be a great year for the Jets!
Not only the easy line up, thye have it in spirit this year!
Besides I have tickets for the home games.
They always win when I am there!
Waiting for them to figure that out and fly me to all the away games!
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