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I'm not surprised really. Even NRA board member Sen Larry Craig, the bill's author, is working against us. He and Frist have put together a "cop killer bullet" ban - see ... sp?ID=3643.

Boxer Amdt. No. 2620 As Amended; To amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, to require the provision of a child safety device in connection with the transfer of a handgun and to provide safety standards for child safety devices. See

Frist Amdt. No. 2628; To exempt any lawsuit involving a shooting victim of John Allen Muhammad or John Lee Malvo from the definition of qualified civil liability action that meets certain requirements.

Frist Amdt. No. 2630; To protect the rights of law enforcement officers who are victimized by crime to secure compensation from those who participate in the arming of criminals.

So, we've two amendments allowing lawsuits in a bill to end frivolous lawsuits against firearms makers, some type of "trigger lock" to be designed by a government bunglecrat and Cop Killer Bullets II. Firends like these, who needs enemies?

And more "help" can be expected to day. Senate is supposed to resume on S1805 at 0930 this morning.
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