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Western Field 410

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I was refered here from another site and I was told that you folks my be able to help me.

My wife got this recently from her mom, it was originally her grandfather's and the story goes that he carried it folded under his jacket.

All I know is it's a Western Field single action single shot "break open" 410. From all I could get off of Google is Western Field was the "house brand" for Wards and it could have been made by any number of manufacturers.
The only numbers on it are on the barrel (10766) and the action (F10766).
The top of the barrel has "MADE IN THE U.S.A. 410 GA. CHOKE"
I can't find any more info on this gun.


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I can't give you any pricing info, but that looks just like the Harrington & Richardson Topper that was my first real gun. Mine had a blued receiver and better wood, but the design is the same. Sweet handling little gun with a full choke barrel, it was pure death on fox squirrels.
Private labeling was a very common practice where a small gun company- or even a hardware store- could get their name on a gun. There is a cross reference table in the Blue Book of Used Gun Values that shows Savage and mossberg as the most prolific maker but the nymbers you list do not appear there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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