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What DON'T you like about your carry gun?

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I posted this on another forum, but I think this group wold be much more interesting to hear from...

So we all like to brag on our favorite handguns, so let's take it another way...what DON'T you like about your primary carry gun?

I carry the S&W M1911PD (Lightweight Commander). I don't like the beavertail that S&W has chosen, kind of a Wilson-ish copy. I much prefer the Ed Brown.

And while I like a black gun for self defense, I'll admit that I've never seen a better finish for a daily carry gun than hard chrome...I may hard chrome my blaster at some point. I'll be doing some Ceracoat in the coming weeks, I may just Ceracoat it in the interim...just depends on if I get a wild hair.

I think S&W could have done better on their choice of finish (blue/anodized). Guns that are in and out of a holster on a daily basis will wear finish pretty quickly.

I don't like that it came with a FLGR, but I corrected that.

Little gripes aside, I'm happy with the gun and it has performed flawlessly thus far.
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I cannot think of a thing that I do NOT like about my little Sig-Sauer P225/P6, except that I failed to buy another one at the same price when I could have.

Of course, I "went through" about 6-10 handguns (that for one reason or other didn't meet my perceived needs) before I bought this one about 6.5 years ago.
(YEP, I'm one of those "odd folk" that doesn't tend to change my CCW handgun, as I believe "muscle memory" is IMPORTANT to my SELF-preservation.)

yours, satx

You bring up again a point that I have several times pondered. = IF the LEO takes a person's firearm in a "good shooting" as "evidence" in a police investigation and the citizen has NO other suitable firearm, has society not left an innocent person defenseless against other possible violence?
(Btw, several peer-reviewed studies indicate that a person who has HAD to defend him/herself against an armed criminal is 2-4 times MORE likely to have to AGAIN defend him/herself from yet another act of violence.)

Therefore does the police agency have a responsibility to either provide the citizen another suitable firearm (OR to provide the citizen protective services until their firearm is returned) so that the involved citizen is NOT left DEFENSELESS???

yours, sw
William R Moore,

I wouldn't argue at all what the established law IS - I'm well aware of the relevant court decisions on "duty to protect". - Instead, I'm talking about what I wonder if it SHOULD be.
(Remember we are talking about a JUSTIFIED use of deadly force & where an innocent party may still be in imminent danger of death or grievous bodily harm.)

In point of fact, the SCOTUS said in a decision involving the MPD of the District of Columbia that the police have NO responsibility to protect ANYBODY, even when the officers KNOW that a particular person is in grave personal/immediate danger.
(In the DC case, the MPD failed to respond to repeated calls for help from 2 women who were raped seemingly because the police didn't believe the report. - It may also be true, based on an independent investigation, that the 2 units dispatched to the scene intentionally CHOSE to NOT respond to the call for help.)

yours, sw

Here in The Alamo City we are "awash with" .38SPL of most sorts. - The biggest missing item seems to be "relatively inexpensive" 148 grain wadcutter ammo.
(Note: I wish that somebody would start loading 200 grain lead in .38SPL again, like the old Winchester Super Police.)

When I did my required CCW range time in FEB, one of our class-members went 11 places to buy 100 rounds!

yours, sw

Fwiw, I'm old enough to remember when .45ACP Government Models "routinely traded for" 30-75.oo in good used condition. - Of course in those long-gone days/DAZE, I was making 220.12 a month as a GI.
(I paid 60,oo for my US&S 1911A1 in "near new" condition.)

Further I once bought a "non-catalogued" Colt's Gold Cup in .38SUPER in the box for 110.oo at the BIG Dallas gun-show at Market Hall.
(I gave that one to my uncle at Christmas of 1972 & after his death his wife sold it to her pastor for TWENTY-FIVE BUCKS!!!!! = [email protected]#$%^!)

yours, sw

Some of the other "EOF" here know that my FIRST center-fire handgun (My dad had given me a Colt's Woodsman for my 16th birthday.) was a PRE-WWII .38SPL revolver, with holster, Sam Browne belt, handcuffs, cuff-case, etc. for FORTY BUCKS with a 1/2 box of shells.
(I was in NOV 1965 a "red-hot 18YO rookie" Deputy Constable & my MOTHER had to buy my revolver/ammo for me, so that I could "start work". = I liked to have NEVER "lived that down", as I think that the owner of People's Hardware told EVERYBODY in the county about my mother riding the Greyhound bus to town, so that she could buy it.)

Btw, the Sheriff gave me a copy of the State Penal Code, a "sawed off" Parker 10gauge DB, "a tin star" & a county credit card (for gas, oil, tires, etc.), shook my hand, wished me LUCK and sent me out to enforce the law in Pct.3.
(In those long-ago days/DAZE, city/county officers had NO police academy to go to. - New LEO "learned by doing".)
I'm ashamed now to tell anyone about my "fumbling about" trying to enforce the law, as I had essentially NO HELP in that BIG but sparsely populated Pct. - I didn't even HAVE a "county 2-way radio" for nearly a year & carried a roll of dimes to call the SO for "back-up", from a pay-phone!!!!

Note: My "first real case" (I suspect that every LEO remembers their "first case".) was reported to me on my home phone about 0400 on 08NOV65. = It was the night-time theft of HALF of a "Winter pig" from a small farm "out on the Katy Road".
(Fwiw, I caught the 2 thugs "red-handed", arrested them, testified against them & they got 120 days "hoeing vegetables" on the prison farm, for "theft over 50.oo".)
My college-GF was a reporter on the local newspaper & you'd have thought that I was Sherlock Holmes from the "write up" that she got published that Friday!!!
(I never got "GOOD PRESS" like that ever again in 3 decades of "being pinned to a star". = CHUCKLE.)

yours, sw
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TimBurke; William R. Moore,

(It was long after her passing that I "got over my mad". = Would you care to guess what a .38Super Colt's GC is worth in 2014 & in "mint condition" in the factory box? = My uncle said on Christmas morning that, "It's WAY too PURTY to shoot". - He may NEVER have fired it, though he surely "cuddled it" often.)

yours, sw
KevinGibson; Skeptic49,

As a Deputy Constable (I wasn't old enough to be a Constable.) I got 2.10 a DAY as salary (I was then a college sophomore & FLAT BROKE.) & thought that I was RICH, when I got my first county check.
(I also made 2.50 an hour "moonlighting" at football & basketball games.)

At that time, Constables could design their own uniform & I was "so broke" that I usually wore a khaki work shirt, blue jeans, cowboy boots & a baseball cap. In the wintertime I usually wore an old Navy peacoat, that came from the Goodwill store.

Constables were NOT then allowed a county vehicle, so I drove my 1959 red/white Nash Metropolitan until the local Chief of Police "took pity on me" & "saw to it" that I could buy an old, green, "city unmarked" Plymouth Fury for 200.oo. He got the city treasurer to let me "pay it off" at 10 bucks a month. = My friends in/out of LE called it: "BIG UGLY".
(My "roomie" rigged-up a pair of 8" red lights & a siren under the grill, that came off a wrecked FD car. - A few months later, he also "acquired by somewhat irregular means" a "low band" GE MASTR II radio, that had 2 channels: 37.260/Inter-county & 37.380/Tac 1.)

Note to "City Kitties" & "Staties": In the rural Southland of the 1960s, my experiences as a "rookie" county officer were quite typical, as "make do" was common in departments that had NO money. = Over 170 square miles of "country" was "my beat" & working Pct. 3 allowed me to finish college. ======> NICE memories of my "mis-spent youth", too.

yours, sw
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In the State/county where I worked, Constables in theory worked for the county court systems.

In our county, the presiding judge "attached" all of the Constables to the sheriff's office "for convenience" & the eight of us ended up doing whatever LE tasks that the sheriff 's deputies didn't want to do. - Like night-time patrol of the "outlying rural areas" (read: poorest & most remote from the courthouse) of his jurisdiction, for example. = Most of Pct.3 in those long ago days had numerous "semi-improved" gravel roads, small/hard-scrabble farms, bootleggers, "nip joints" & lots of "toughs".

yours, sw

NOPE. Two-tone BRIGHT red over white roadster, with black/white "checked cloth" interior. = I paid 50 bucks for it in 1965, to drive to/from college in the town. = It ran fine but was slower than molasses, with NO emergency equipment or 2-way radio.

And strangely enough FEW people, "out in the county", seemed to care what I drove, after the former Constable died & wasn't replaced until I got "hired-on" several months later as "a deputy to nobody".
(I had graduated & was "overseas with the Army" for over a year before the county finally replaced the actual Constable.)
The "country folks" were just glad to have someone who would "show up", when they called for help.

In theory, I was "supervised by" a LT with the SO but I seldom ever even saw him or even talked to him by phone. = It was "just easier" to ignore the remote/poor part of the county and "let the kid take care of it".

For the first year, I spent most of my time "corralling" drunks, looking for prowlers, "getting livestock out of the road" & finding/returning strayed cows & horses. - I also served a lot of court papers.

yours, sw
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My ex/I had a turquoise/white Metropolitan convertible for a while in the 1970s that wasn't too "funny", especially to those who only saw its tail-lights "suddenly disappearing out of sight". = My motor SGT put a "heated-up" MGA Twin-Cam engine/stick-shift/3rd member in it (considerably more than DOUBLE the stock HP) & it looked completely stock, other than the fatter tires on the back.

Margaret thoroughly embarrassed more than one hot-rodder, who wanted to "play the street-racing game".. = We called it "The Humiliater".
(Baltimore, MD is in some ways "a small town" & the word soon got out to the "street racing crowd: BEWARE of a hot blond in a little funny-looking convertible, as she will leave your MOPAR, Ford or Chevy in the dust.)

yours, sw
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