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What DON'T you like about your carry gun?

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I posted this on another forum, but I think this group wold be much more interesting to hear from...

So we all like to brag on our favorite handguns, so let's take it another way...what DON'T you like about your primary carry gun?

I carry the S&W M1911PD (Lightweight Commander). I don't like the beavertail that S&W has chosen, kind of a Wilson-ish copy. I much prefer the Ed Brown.

And while I like a black gun for self defense, I'll admit that I've never seen a better finish for a daily carry gun than hard chrome...I may hard chrome my blaster at some point. I'll be doing some Ceracoat in the coming weeks, I may just Ceracoat it in the interim...just depends on if I get a wild hair.

I think S&W could have done better on their choice of finish (blue/anodized). Guns that are in and out of a holster on a daily basis will wear finish pretty quickly.

I don't like that it came with a FLGR, but I corrected that.

Little gripes aside, I'm happy with the gun and it has performed flawlessly thus far.
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Tim Burke nailed it for me: expensive ammo. .38Spl is getting scarce.
sw, back when my guns were stolen (recovered the same day), the responding officer thoughtfully asked if I still had one. I did.
Well, one thing I don't like about the gun itself is that it's not stainless.
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