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What Is a "Democratic Socialist?"

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I've figured it out. It's a regular old straight-up, full-on socialist who wants you to elect him/her to office. When s/he puts the boot of tyranny/slavery on your neck, s/he can then claim to have a mandate--"You voted for this!"

Don't be fooled. (I know no one here will be, but tell your friends.) :thumbsup:
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"We may not have won the battle of impeachment," Deutsch squealed, "but we're going to win the war of putting him in jail - whatever we have to do, and we're not going to necessarily play fair."

So what you have here is an anchor for a major cable news outlet assuring everyone that when it comes to putting an individual in prison, "we're not going to … play fair."

Anchor for MSNBC!? and we deliver the goods without Bias??Why since the 90's CNN has had that name Clinton NN or Communist NN.They all hate America and what it stands for then you have Pelosi screaming racist from PDJT tweet today about Eli's district gaud do these people have any other mantra?If you are white you need to be purged from society.

So far this year 1000-1500rds at the range and 40rds through Jerry Kuhnhausen's M1 carbine today functioned flawlessly.
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