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What Is a "Democratic Socialist?"

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I've figured it out. It's a regular old straight-up, full-on socialist who wants you to elect him/her to office. When s/he puts the boot of tyranny/slavery on your neck, s/he can then claim to have a mandate--"You voted for this!"

Don't be fooled. (I know no one here will be, but tell your friends.) :thumbsup:
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It's been said "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
Yeeup, a "democratic socialist" is the same thing as a national socialist is the same thing as an international socialist is the same thing as a socialist and is not really very different than a fascist.

I don't trust or like any of them and hope this now somewhat minor eruption of socialism amongst the peanut galleries is short lived and dies out quickly and certainly.

But I fear it won't.
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