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What IS this dog anyway?

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One of our three dogs, Elsa, arrived one day by digging into our back yard. As my husband put it, he let two dogs out and three came in. She was tiny then, 6-8 weeks old and maybe 10 pounds, and has since grown up to be a 40-pound soft cuddly bundle of muscle. Her personality is alternately coy, cheeky, playful and sometimes aggressive. (She and her older-but-smaller poodle sibling have have some frightening encounters). At the same time, I have never seen a dog who can grin so widely and convincingly. It's contagious -- you can't look at her without smiling.

Anyway, we still have no idea what breed she is or where she came from. She's no purebred, but oddly, her tail was docked. We've shown her or her picture to friends, dog lovers and even vets, and they all tilt their heads, squint and say, "well, hard to say, maybe a little of this, some of that?"

So take your best guess: I've attached a full-length portrait and one that shows another side of her personality.....


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Looks like an Akita mix to me.

Sure looks friendly in the last picture!

That dog most certainly has some Shiba in it. That big grin is known as a "shiba smile". The tail bobbing thing is weird though. Shibas have tails that curl into a loop. Some retard wacked it before you got her :x . Her temperment sounds like a Shiba (coy, cheeky, etc.). They pretty much believe the world is theirs and once in a while they decide to share it with you.

Let me ask you she shake, like she is shaking off water, after she has been handled?

SquirrelNuts, you were right to say it looked like an Akita. Shibas are the smallest breed in that family.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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