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Trying to emulate the "feel" of the .40S&W in my .45acp, I'm looking to experiment with Berry's 185 gr plated HBRN. Because of the hollow base the ogive retains the shape of a 230 RN... great for reliability in my "skinny gun".

I load my .40 180 grainers with 5.0 gr of VV n-320 at 1.200" OAL. These I only shoot out of my STI Edge exclusively for IPSC. Please don't try them in your factory barrelled Glock...

If I load the mentioned 45's to 230 factory length (1.260") with the same powder charge as my 180gr 40's, should I expect to obtain a power factor in the neighborhood of the .40 loads, even though there will be a greater free space in the case? Given it is springed similarly, would my 45 Colt "behave" similar to the 40 STI?

I'm searching for a baseline to start my experimental loading of the 185's with the powder I use. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thanx in advance,
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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