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What's Overhead

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Neat site for aviation buffs.
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I find it curious that they don't show military aircraft...
I've noticed in my occasional look sees today that some of the aircraft i.d.'s show up as "blocked".
Walt, there's a thing called BARR: "Block Aircraft Registration Request". It basically puts a three-day hold on that flight's data being public record--you can see it moving, but you can't get the numbers or who's on it until three days after landing.
Well, that's something I didn't know.

That's one of the reasons I hang out here.
Here's an iPhone app that will let you point the phone at at aircraft in the sky overhead and then return the identification info.

Air Traffic Radar | Live Air Traffic | PlaneFinder Aviation App

What kid hasn't laid on his back and looked up at those high flyers, wondering where they were headed...
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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