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What's Wrong with This Picture?

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Wellll,orange & blue always reminds me of the Broncos.

Oh,I get it!He's wearing a belt WITH suspenders!That's a clothing faux pas!
possibly finger placement but the picture is not clear enough.
Wesley Snipes is not a natural blonde.
Maybe like Ziggy Stardust, he is left handed?
Sandra Bullock is missing.
Please...please don't tell me that she associates with him :barf:
Looks like he's getting ready to give himself a pedicure -- the hard way.
He's got Marty Feldman eyes....
You mean besides the finger on the trigger (obvious) and he looks a lot like Dennis Rodman(disgusting)?

Thank god that's not a S&W N frame. Computers are too expensive to throw out windows. :evil:
Hey Dinosaur, what's that car in your avatar? Wouldn't be a '72 Vette in Elkhart Green, would it?
Charlie Petty said:
Please...please don't tell me that she associates with him :barf:
Sandra Bullock was in the same film from which the screencap is taken.

As for Dean's comment, I'm not quite certain. Is it his use of a 3913LS, or the way he has his G11 slung? ... an_14.html
That's a picture of Sandra about to make freaky sci-fi love to Stalone.
What could be more wrong that that?
Good grief, she looked hot in that police uniform! ... an_03.html

The Wesley Snipes image in question, his hair is looking 5th element and his finger is on the trigger of a lady smith. Wrong... but not as wrong as Sandra's virtual trist with Stalone... *shudder*

Y'all got the Rules #2 and #3 right… but you're missing a biggie!

Of course, He's not wearing eye or ear protection! :wink:

Isn't the gun cocked also?

Stoopid bastid has his finger on the trigger of a cocked DA/SA trigger with the muzzle probably covering one of his feet.
Now that we have the 'wrong' out of the way, what is 'right'?

to MY old eyes the gun looks like a later SIG D/A with the rounded hammer, in the "at rest" position. Snipes' finger looks to be all the way to the rear of the trigger-guard, which would mean he had to to drop the hammer on an empty chamber.

Unless I'm blind.

By the way, what'hell has he got slung? I haven't seen this movie in ages and don't recall what they were using for long guns, but it almost looks like a scoped rifle from the rear. I'd have expected to see a barrel sitcking up, down or somewhere.
No, the pistol is definitely a S&W 3913LS.

As I mentioned earlier, the rifle is a HK G11. However, it is portrayed as a laser weapon in the film.
I think maybe Dean's point was THERE IS NOTHING RIGHT about picture.

Isn't the G11 the caseless ammo gun?

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