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it may very well become known in American culture as . . .

The Year Of The Hippo.

For some reason I found myself increasingly interested in hippopotamuses as the year began, always having had some fascination with them, and later that year I received my Channel 13 (PBS) guide to see a giant land whale of a hippo with a bunch of birds astride it laying on its side enjoying the afternoon sun with the title in big letters, . . .


Telecast in October of last year, it quickly became the definitive documentary for those who had previously known little or nothing about these huge, comical looking and quite dangerous, actually at times downright almost nasty and totally fearsome creatures. It seems as though hippos are actually only now beginning to get the in depth kind of coverage that has usually been reserved for elephants, lions, deer, and others.

Even Bill O'Reilly has been known to proudly display his knowledge of hippos, almost obviously having seen Hippo Beach himself. On more than one occasion he has exclaimed to a radio sidekick, "you know what the Number One rule is about hippos? Don't get between the hippos and the water."

Yes indeed, don't get yourself between any one or any group of hippos and any body of water. If you'd like to know more, you can either watch and wait for the next documentary that covers hippos or you can probably buy the tape on line. I thought it was rather funny when they closed the hour in October with a promo for the tape at $19.95 plus shipping.


:dunno: :duh: :dunno:

Hippo Beach. Don't miss it if you can get it.

2003 - The Year Of The Hippo

The Hippopotamus. It's "the thing" . . .

y'know. :wink:
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